What to consider your HS Sophomore year?

  • Take your PSAT’s

  • Continue to work hard in the classroom

  • Research College’s and attend college nights and financial aid meetings at your H.S.

  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor and make sure you are taking the right classes and the classes you are taking are in accordance with the NCAA Clearing House (www.ncaa.org).

  • Visit some colleges and call the Head Coach ahead of time to see if you can observe a training session and meet with him/her for a few minutes during your visit

  • Begin to narrow your college choices to 8-10 schools.

  • Begin the process of e-mailing college coaches stating your interest and let them know when your next few games are and the tournaments that your team will be attending

  • Make sure the e-mail you send to the coaches contains your grade, position, height, weight, GPA, club team, club team coaches contact information, high school, high school coaches contact information. Make sure you take your time and personalize every e-mail using the coaches’ name and the college name (See Sample Letter)

  • Important – Division 1 College Coaches cannot e-mail you until September 1st of your Junior Year and they cannot call you until July 1st going into your senior year.  Please note Division 1 & Division 2 Coaches fall under a separate set of guidelines set forth by the NCAA.

  • You may want to attend a college camp where several college coaches will be in attendance

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