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What to consider your HS Junior year?

  • Meet with your guidance counselor and register for SAT and or ACT tests

  • Start to narrow down the college list

  • Go onto the college websites and fill out the athletic questionnaire

  • Get three “Excellent” letters of recommendation

  • Prepare reference list

  • Register with the NCAA Clearing House “Eligibility Center” to make sure you are in compliance with the classes you are taking

  • E-mail Coaches your games and tournament schedule

  • Visit some of the colleges of your choice. Your junior year these are classified as “Unofficial Visits”. An unofficial visit is where you can stay on campus with one of the players at your own expense. An official visit is when the school is very interested and they pick up the tab.

  • Stay focused in the classroom

  • Go to college ID Camps to get as much exposure as you can

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National Academy League
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