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TSF Academy Partners with SportsRecruits

TSF Academy is excited to announce that we have partnered with SportsRecruits and will offer an integration with their software platform to help our players manage the college recruiting process!

SportsRecruits was built by former college athletes to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams of playing collegiate sports. They provide trusted and accurate data around the recruiting process. Their platform is designed to guide, advise and monitor student athlete communications and contacts with colleges during the recruiting process.

  • Why SportsRecruits - It provides all you need in one place and is in line with the modern world of technology. Gone are the days of just sending an email and hoping for a reply from a college coach. With SportsRecruits players can reach out to a much wider audience and connect with college coaches on a much bigger scale. Players and parents have the ability to monitor the progress of all interactions.

  • Academy benefit of partnering with SportsRecruits - Coaches will have access to see the schools players are interested in attending and also have the ability to connect with the college coaches. The platform provides a clear path of communication with all involved.

As an organization, we chose SportsRecruits to ensure our players have access to best-in-class technology to assist in the college recruiting process.

TSF Academy
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