Training Hub - Summer 2022

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Since 2005 TSF Academy has been a leader in player development and specialized training in the tri-state area. Our leadership team and coaching staff understand what it takes to remain at the forefront of technical, physical and cognitive development. We recognize the importance of supplemental training in a youth player's career and provide an environment where the individual player can continue to improve crucial areas of their game outside of the team setting. Training 2, 3 or even 4 times a week may still not be enough to allow a player to reach their full potential. However, the quality and specificity and any additional training can make a big difference in their game performance. 

The TSF Training Hub is a network of supplemental training classes and programs which develop soccer players of all levels and positions from ages 8-U14.  It is specifically designed for those that desire to improve their skills to their fullest potential.


Once a player enrolls in a class or program they become part of the TSF family, where they will be developed, monitored and evaluated. We will also provide recommendations for future programs, and players can progress through the levels based on their performance, attitude and desire to improve. 

Please note the Level requirement.  Level ratings are as below:

Beginner: Recently discovered the game of soccer and has little experience and no professional training.  Plays on a recreational team.  Objective is to learn the skills to aid playing a better technical game.

Intermediate: Plays in a travel program.  Few years of experience with little or no professional training.  This player is looking to enhance their current skills and solidify the fundamental skills to play at the next level.

Advanced: Plays in high level travel in a league such as EDP and regularly trains and is looking to reach the Elite level.

Elite: Plays in top leagues such as MSL Next and/or regionally/nationally ranked teams.  Extensive professional training and needs to fine tune skills.

Please pay close attention to the LEVEL requirement. 

Anyone not of sufficient level will be dropped from the class with a pro-rated refund.


TSF Summer Technical Class is an intensive one-hour session to improve, refine and master technical and physical skills of the player.


We will work on the following:

- Passing, Receiving and Awareness

- Defending 1v1

- Combination Play and Movement

- Speed and Agility/Coordination

- Naka Nka: To Improve Technical and Cognitive Play

- Rondo with two balls

- Midfield play: Position specific- receiving to turn

- 3v3 Tournament: Do your own team

For more information contact Coach Eddie at


Ages: 2015-2013                                  

Level: Advanced, Elite

Gender: All

Location: The Sports Factory                 Dates: Jun 20, 27, Jul 11, 18, 25

Times: Mondays 4-5pm 

Cost: $175

Ages: 2009-2007                                  

Level: Advanced, Elite

Gender: All

Location: The Sports Factory                 Dates: Jun 20, 27, Jul 11, 18, 25

Times: Mondays 5-6pm 

Cost: $175

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