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The environment, which reflects our club’s standards and values, will be positive and challenging to allow us to develop players who can think quickly, understand the game, and frequently execute the correct decisions with confidence when playing the game.
The TSF Training Hub (formerly Inter Academy) is a comprehensive and exciting new training program from TSF Academy which replaces the Inter-Academy Program. TSF coaches will train, educate, and develop ambitious and hardworking young players who have the desire to take their game to the next level.
Continuing from the winter session, we will further study the areas of Attacking and Defending principles, including transition in both functions.  
TSF Academy Training Hub

BOYS & GIRLS: AGES U8 - U14 @ The Sports Factory, 175 Beaverbrook Rd, Lincoln Park, NJ 07035


Cost: $225 ($25 discount for current HUB players)



How long is the training session?
The 1.5 hour training sessions will be intense and interactive. Through age-based learning, our progressive curriculum will be specific to improve performance in games.  Players will be closely monitored and receive their Personal Development Plan, along with recommendations for continued development.

We believe in raising the standards of training and youth development in our area, enhancing player education through their experience, and building a level of confidence that improves them as players and people. 

Who this program is for?
Male and female players U8-U14 of all ability. This program is designed for those that want to better themselves in the game of soccer and improve their current level of play. This is a step in a long-term process of development. Only serious soccer players should enroll in this program. 


Is there competition?
Players enrolled in the program will have opportunities to represent TSF Academy in winter and summer events. The selection process will be managed by the TSF coaches.  There is no guarantee that a player will be selected.


7 Week Spring Curriculum

Attacking Principles        

  • read situations of numbers up/down to control tempo

  • first option forward

  • create multiple passing options

  • no square passes when facing our goal

  • rest defense

  • communication: verbal and non-verbal

  • follow up chances

  • freedom to create

Defending Principles

  • desire and ambition to win the ball

  • counter press / immediate reaction

  • read situations of numbers up/down and pressure on the ball

  • player closest to the ball pressures

  • deny space

  • create numbers up around the ball

  • no turn

  • communication: verbal and non-verbal

  • rest attack

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